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AREG Capital, an alternative financing company for real estate investment offers several lending programs for investors whether it is a short- or long-term loans. AREG Capital has built strong equity partner relationships that allow us to offer some of the best loan benefits in the market today.

AREG Capital lending program has a low competitive cost, a simple and fast process, and offers a flexible and tailored experience.

Real estate lending loan

Fixed and Flip- Rehab Loans

AREG Capital offers short term financing to help investors purchase, renovate, and sell single-family) (non-owner occupied) and value add apartment properties.

Buying, renovating, and reselling homes can be a great source of income. However, it takes sufficient capital to fix and flip a home. You need cash to purchase and renovate the property. You need cash to pay for all the taxes, utilities, insurance, and interest accrued from the time of purchase, through renovations, and up until the day you sell or rent it.

Whether you are fixing up your first property to list on the market, or you are a seasoned pro at fix and flipping, AREG Capital has solutions to fit property flipping projects of all sizes. We make the process of financing your project simple, transparent, and easy.

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Rental Loans

AREG Capital has expertise in these lending programs.  We released lending quickly with more flexibility than traditional banks or SBA programs.

AREG Capital does an amazing job structuring rental loans specifically designed for investors looking to grow their rental portfolio. Investors can use these loans to purchase new rental properties, unlock exiting equity, or consolidate debt. No matter what the need is for we’ve streamlined the process for a quick and hassle-free closing.

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Commercial Loans

AREG Capital offers a vast variety of commercial real estate financing options with excellent terms so you can choose the one that will be most beneficial for your business. We provide financing for non-owner-occupied investment properties. Investors will be able to choose from a broad array of programs to meet their needs.

AREG Capital will arrange a custom loan to fit the needs of investors for all types of commercial properties including office buildings, restaurants, hotels/motels, apartment buildings, industrial, shopping centers, funeral homes, auto, mixed-use, daycare, hair salons plus many others.

These loans are primarily based on the equity in the property so credit and income are not the major factors. We will customize the loan to fit your exact situation. This makes getting a private/hard money loan a great option for a beginner investors to a seasoned investor looking to free up liquidity to scale their business.

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New Construction Loans

AREG Capital offers a variety of ground-up construction loan options for residential and commercial real estate investors. Typical construction loans run for twelve months to two years, require interest-only payments, and are funded in installments that follow a predetermined schedule of milestones. 

Whether you own a lot outright and need a loan to build a single-family home to flip, or you plan to Build2Rent, or you have a multifamily construction project, Areg Capital is here to help.

If you’re ready to release your first loan, then give us a call today or submit your information here and one of our Consultants will be happy to follow up with you.