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Fixed & Flip – Rehab Loans

Short term financing to help investors purchase, renovate, and sell single-family (non-owner occupied) and value add apartment properties.

Whether you are fixing up your first property to list on the market, or you are a seasoned pro at fix and flipping, AREG Capital has solutions to fit property flipping projects of all sizes. We make the process of financing your project simple, transparent and easy.

We value our clients and they trust us to provide the proper financial resources when they are needed. Homes can come to market quickly so you want to be prepared with the proper financial backing to support your purchase and rehab. AREG Capital has built strong equity partner relationships that allow us to offer some of the best loan benefits in the market today.

Buying, renovating and reselling homes can be a great source of income. However, it takes sufficient capital to fix and flip a home. You need cash to purchase and renovate the property. You need cash to pay for all the taxes, utilities, insurance, and interest accrued from the time of purchase, through renovations, and up until the day you sell or rent it.

A fix and flip loan, or sometimes called a rehab loan, can help with the purchase, refinancing or renovation of a real estate investment property. The borrower will submit draw requests and receive reimbursments throughout the course of the project. The property will be used as collateral for the loan and the value will be based on the after repair value (ARV).

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AREG Capital has expertise with funding fix and flip loans on any type of project.

90% of Purchase and Rehab Costs
Loan to ARV: Up to 75%
Term Length: 12-18 months

Rates: Starting at 7.99% to 12%
(based on experience, credit and financials)

Loan Amounts: $50K to $20M
Low Credit Scores Accepted * No Income Documentation Available

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