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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common hard money loan questions

What States Do You Lend?

Nationwide except for ND, SD, NV, CA

What Type Of Properties Qualify For Lending

Just about any type of property (no primary residence) could qualify for a loan.

Do I Need Perfect Credit To Qualify For A Loan?

Perfect credit is not a requirement for these programs, however, you will receive the best terms the better credit scores you have. 

What Is The Minimum and Maximum Loan Size?

Minimum loan size is $75,000.00 and the maximum is $50M (can go higher case-by-case basis).

How Long Does It Take To Fund A Loan?

It typically takes 15-30 days to close a loan, however, if we receive all required documents in advance then it’s possible to close sooner. 

Are There Any Upfront Fees?

Most programs do not required upfront fees other than 3rd party costs such as Appraisals/ BPOs. It will depend on the loan program and the size of the loan.

Are You A Direct Lender Or Do You Broker Loans?

AREG Capital assists real estate investors and small business owners in acquiring alternative financing nationwide. We do  not directly lend to investors, however, we have built strong relationships and partnered with an array of equity lenders in order to deliver the best options to our clients. Having us on your side can easily save an investor time and money. 

What Documents do I need?

Minimum documentation is required to streamline the process and get you to the closing table in lightening speed. One of our Consultants will be happy to discuss with you on what’s required.

Ready to Apply?

Our online application process is simple and easy to complete. Answer a few questions about your project and one our Consultants will reach out to you with options.