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Commercial Loans

Helping Real Estate Investors Aquire Stable Assets and Stable Cash Flow

AREG Capital offers a vast variety of commercial real estate financing options with excellent terms so you can choose the one that will be most beneficial for your business. We provide financing for non owner-occupied investment properties. Investors will be able to choose from a broad array of programs to meet their needs.

Hard money commercial loans are an alternative option when conventional bank loans are not due to the need for faster funding or when a conventional lender has rejected the borrower’s loan request.

AREG Capital will arrange a custom loan to fit the needs of investors for all types of Commercial properties including office buildings, resturants, hotels/motels, apartment buildings, industrial, shopping centers, funeral homes, auto, mixed-use, day care, hair salons plus many others.

These loans are primarily based on the equity in the property so credit and income are not the major factors. We will customize the loan to fit your exact situation. This makes getting a private/hard money loan a great option for a beginner investors to a seasoned investor looking to free up liquidity to scale their business.

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A property does not have to be leased up prior to making a loan. We can make loans to individuals or entities, whether an LLC, Corporation, Trust or other legal entity.

Up to 80% LTV on Refinances and Cash-Out
80% LTV on Purchases

Rental Portfolio Loans Available
(Retail, Office, Hotel, Apartment Buildings, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Land)

Term Length:
Up to full 30 year term, no balloon

Rates: Starting at 4.75%
(the lowest score will require full income documentation and a 650 credit score)

Loan Amounts: $25K to $50M+

Low Credit Scores Accepted * No Documentation Loans Available 

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