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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Hard Money Loans

Get A Commercial Hard Money Loan For Your Business

Do you own a commercial property but you or your company don’t show a profit on paper? How about some dings on your credit report? We can overlook these issues with our Commercial Hard Money Real Estate Loans.

We make commercial loans that banks won’t, which is why our rates and points are more expensive than bank loans. We look at the property itself more than we do the borrower and their overall financial picture.


Commercial Hard Money Loans

The loan must make sense for us. We do NOT want to own your property. We love value-added plays. Are you buying a commercial property that is not performing with a solid plan in place to upgrade, find new tenants and turn the property around? If so, send us a summary on your loan request. Our Commercial Hard Money Bridge Loans can close in as little as 7 days.

Commercial Loan Programs

  • Up to 70% loan to value on purchases
  • Up to 65% for cash out
  • 10% and 3 points
  • 1 year
  • No pre payment penalty
  • NO appraisal needed
  • NO up front fees
  • Close in 5-7 days
  • Mixed use, apartment buildings, warehouses, self storage, office buildings,
    gas stations/service stations

Commercial Hard Money Bridge Loans

  • Loan amounts from 50k -1.5M
  • 5+ unit apartment buildings, office buildings, mixed use, strip malls,
    gas stations/service stations, warehouses, light industrial, self storage
  • 50% loan to value max loan
  • 12% interest only
  • 3 points
  • Quick Closings
  • 1st lien position, blanket mortgages
  • 12 month term

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